Rima Dickson

I was born in Toronto but have been in BC for most of my adult life. I made my career here, met my husband here, and together we have built our life and family (which now includes our three children)

My passion for photography has been with me for as long as I can remember. I always wanted to take photos of how I saw things. I would borrow friends' cameras get back images that were nothing like I remembered when I was taking those photos. So I went to photography school and started practicing on my friends and their children. Before I knew it, people were calling me saying 'You took photos of Gayle's family and we loved them. Will you take photos for us?' and so it began ...

I have always enjoyed photographing people in particular. My love of taking portraits of children really bloomed when my friends and family began having children in years past, and continued to bloom once I had children of my own. An expert in maternal and Infant photography has made me 'one of the things you get to do' when having a baby in some groups of friends!

I feel that my strength lies in being able to relate to and interact with them in a way that is relaxed, natural, and fun. I think if you take a look through my galleries, you will clearly see a level of comfort that my clients have with me and my camera.

I stay on top of my craft through specialized photography workshops and courses. As well, I regularly take part in roundtable discussions with other portrait photographers worldwide, to exchange ideas and discover new techniques and advances related to children's portraiture.

One of the greatest gifts that photography has allowed me is the privilege of being part of people's most special moments. I have been photographing some of the families in my life for years ... and they consider my work part of their legacy!

Capturing all the wonderful times in people's lives in a beautiful way is what I love to do most!

With a tender and giving heart, I volunteer for the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep foundation taking sensitive and beautiful portraits for families suffering from early infant loss. We believe our gift helps families grieve, heal, and celebrate their little angels. I am BC's Certified Trainer (training new volunteers), an Area Coordinator, and a Volunteer photographer.