Preparing for your Portrait Session:

Here are some general tips to help you prepare for your session:


  • Clothing should be ‘casually nice’. We know that your family will have their own personality and preferences to what you might like to wear to the session. Show off your family’s uniqueness.
  • Darker shades tend to be more slimming, .
  • Wear outfits that fit you well and you will be comfortable in. Long sleeves and full length pants are an advantage. Arms and legs that are exposed can distract from the face.
  • Dress from head to toe; poses may include your feet.
  • Try to keep colours in the same tone range or colour scheme for everyone that will be in the portrait.
  • Plan and coordinate your clothing with other family members in your portraits - colours that compete can be distracting.
  • For outdoor sessions, wear colours that suit the season (Fall, Spring, etc). If you are unsure if a colour will work, feel free to ask.
  • Make sure your undergarments (unwanted straps, etc.) are not showing.

    Avoid the following:
    • Clothing with words, logos, stripes, prints or patterns - no matter how small.
    • Loud patterns or bright colours - they tend to overpower.
    • Clothing that is too tight or too loose, as it will not hang properly and may have too many folds or creases.
    • Clothing with lighter colors or flesh tones, as they can drain color from the face.
    • White running shoes or socks.

Note: Tan lines and sunburns cannot be fixed without expensive retouching.

Hair and Makeup

  • Wear your hair the way you like it best. If you plan to have a haircut, try to schedule it at least a week before your session in case you don't care for the results. Also, a fresh cut may reveal un-tanned skin during the summer.
  • Gentlemen - come in with a fresh shave. Five o'clock shadows cannot be retouched. If you have facial hair, ensure that it is neatly trimmed.
  • Very light hair spray will tame loose ends that may catch light and show in a picture.
  • Make-up should be normal for you. Some people choose to have their make-up done for their session and that is also good. Please keep in mind that we prefer your make-up to not have added shine, luminescence, sparkle or shimmer.
  • Even if you don't normally wear make-up, we recommend a light foundation and power to reduce shine and even your skin tone. (Powder is great for guys, too, and no one can tell you're wearing make-up.)
  • Trim, file and remove old polish from your finger and toenails. Lotion prevents your skin from looking itchy and dry.
  • Some people who wear glasses have had their optometrist lend them an empty pair of frames in their style, or had them temporarily remove your lenses.

and finally,

Be Yourselves!!!

If you have any questions, please call us.